«We are a company specialised in the national and international production and marketing of Canarian avocados. More than 20 years of experience make us leaders in the sector”
Wenceslao Martínez  Agro-Rincón CEO

Production and marketing of avocado

In the Canary Islands, a region of volcanic soils and mild, stable temperatures, optimal for avocado cultivation

Consolidation of good national and international markets

Our mission is to value the Canarian avocado in the local and national market and in European countries such as Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Germany.

Professionalisation of the avocado sector in the Canary Islands

Training young farmers, introducing new agricultural technologies to optimise costs and advise on the creation of new Canarian avocado plantations
"Our goal is to train young farmers to professionalise avocado cultivation in the Canary Islands and continue to consolidate our product in the best national and international markets"

Our Partners